Library Selections July 22, 2001
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Tepid Spring 2000
by John Hankiewicz
867 Fendley Dr.
Apt. K-10
Conway, AR  72032

Hankiewicz makes eerie, funny, poetic comics.  This is one of his best books.  Click here to see his website.

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Attack Flotilla
by Mat Brinkman

A small book of comics about these disturbingly familiar-looking creatures having adventures.  Simple and elegant--doesn't say anything but seems to say alot.  Brinkman's a Fort Thunder founder, and this book is a good distillation of that aesthetic.  The comics are surreal in the best way--subconscious, not contrived.  This book always brings to my mind something that would gestate on a moist forest floor or miles underwater--something natural and beautiful and a little scary--far from media culture and talky, faddish mediocrity.  I don't know if you'll be able to get your hands on one, but you can try.

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The Amazing World of Ghosty
27/2 Dumbryden Gardens
Edinburgh  EH14 2NG
Scotland, United Kingdom.
$1.99 (add some more for shipping...)

The eminent White Buffalo Gazette has carried the one page "Ghosty" comics for a while now, and they were always one of my favorite parts of the zine.  Part op-art, part superhero comic, what makes "Ghosty" so extra weird is that it is seemingly based on the telepathic messages Mr. Miller receives from various characters, good and evil, around Scotland.  Ghosty will telepathically contact Miller and tell him to put on "Alligator" by the Grateful Dead, or some Jefferson Airplane album, or fight some killjoy villain.  The comic is also filled with Scottish-isms, making it nigh incomprehensible for me sometimes.  If you look at the sample pages, you can see how the strange way the panels are laid out, with large text and small hard edged drawings, and how the stories are strangely compelling.  After 32 pages of this, you start to feel the crazy energy and rhythm of superhero comics, and something else...voices...

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