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ben drawn by ted may
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 Date:    Wed, 13 Jun 2001 00:56:20
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you can do whatever your wants with the below text, if you just printed it like an article and made it not be like a interview i would love it, but i trust your awesome powers, i tried to make it read like a story or a letter, i hope you like it!!!!

 Portrait of the one who Helps Future Genies and Alfe into the world.

As I child my father told me that "life was suffering, according to Buddha, and this is the meaning of life." He left out the important catch line that follows "life is suffering", that being "the cause of suffering is desire."Unfortunately I think my dad was saying life was hopeless.
 Anyway, that was then and this is now or should I say that was zen and this is now.  Science, art, and spirituality are the same thing in my life. All guide me to dance with the major issues in our reality like, what, where, when how. I really enjoy the answers things like science, Buddhism/Godism, and artistic visions provide. However, like the questions they bring up more. I hope to refine my mind to embody amazing questions and not superficial data.
 Desire can ruin art, science, or love.
 If a scientist strives to get a particular result from an experiment to prove a theory right, she/he may do things to influence the results thus ruining the entire quest.(history shows this time and time again) If a kid just wants to be a rock star or if a lonely man dreams of becoming a famous "dude" who captures the modern relationship on paper yet lives in a bleak tomorrow, chances are his art or music will be a reflection of his insecure attempts at validating his life through the comfort of shallow ego sex.
 I make no judgement of these trends. I will love all. But..People are doing these things.
 They say to master comics one must become invisible, then stop drawing comics forever, only letting the comics draw themselves.
 God does not like comics that come from the motives of the ego.
 It is important to use a filter to weed out the illusion.
 A filter that reshapes thoughts while balances sincerity and originality is perfect.

 I just saw the best godzilla movie, the way he beats the bad monster is by flying feet first horizontal with his tail dragging on the ground, then hitting the monster with his feet. I don't get to see many of these movies, however I feel I have experienced an important facet of them, that being the cute honor godzilla em-big-e-fies. I like how godzilla is beautiful. I would like to see Gamera in a movie.

 My favorite books are

 About Time, Paul Davies

 Autobiography of a Yogi,  Yogananda

 Oaf/Maggots/Oldburg/Goldust, Brinkman, Chppendale, Goldburg, Drain

 All these books skim the surface of the issues. Recently I had to pack up everything and throw a lot of stuff out, it was then I realized the power of these books.

 I like to draw. I like to draw while diner is cooking, while I am waiting for someone, or when watching tv. At work I used to never do work and just draw in flash. I like to draw when someone has rented a movie, and I have already seen the movie like 3 kings, but I draw while watching it, I like to draw while laying down half propped up by covers. Do You? Then  I take the drawings to kinkos. There I touch them up and lay them out, then copy them. I like to copy them in many cool ways, like using different colored paper, or reducing them in size. There is nothing I like to do more then to draw then copy the drawings. Then I give the copied drawings to friends. I wish there was a rival gang in my town that also made books of copies. I really do, I think I would enjoy beating them. I do not do self promotion other than wanting to give as many books to many people as I can. Just to piss of the rival gang, I don't like to sell things. I want you to have stuff so you can either be part of my gang, or start you own gang to inspire me to become stronger, and to then beat your gang. I will. My gangs include Paper Radio and Paper Rad. I will totally destroy your gang's copies. Unless you are Fort Thunder, they are the strongest gang, I pay homage and sacrifice my honor humbly to their complete and superior reign.

 B.T.W.  I do not like to have social friends or social activities. I want 100% of me to be devoted to God and/or art or science.

 This is awesome now!
 I control my emotions.
 Everything is light, everything is something or/not nothing, nothing is
 My ego was making me do bad things
 My dreams predict the future, and the past.
 I have found prove of magic!
 I can do anything
 I can do nothing

 I am 100% happy with my life. I pray that if I was fighting in a war I could be at peace with my surroundings. Thus I say thanks, and do things better and bigger. I know what to do.  I am going to do it. I have no doubts.
 So to my father I say my own Zen (calendar) quote:
 The mind is the slayer of the real.

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